SWINGS, A volume of poetry, by Camilla Curran


To most people on the outside looking in, it appears that Camilla is the girl who has it all. What they don't see, is her struggle with a debilitating mental illness over the last ten years. From facing depressed lows so extreme that in-patient hospitalization as a result of suicidal behavior was needed, to mania so frighteningly fast paced that she married a man after knowing him only three months and divorced two years later, Camilla's bipolar renders her life anything but easy or by the book, which is why she chose to write one. 


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About the Author:

Camilla Curran is a model, fashion designer, brand ambassador,

ballet dancer and teacher. In addition to her work in fashion and the

performing arts, Miss Curran attended art school at the acclaimed

Memphis College of Art to study drawing, and even manages her own

image consulting company, Curran Consulting. In her spare time, Camilla enjoys reading about archaeology, psychology, and fashion history, salsa dancing and people watching. She uses her colorful experiences amidst her varied social scene as inspiration for her lighter writing, while her journey growing up with Bipolar I inspires her heavier work. Curran was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 17, and has since learned to live and thrive despite the constant ups and downs, the swings, of life with a mental illness. She credits her supportive family and strong faith in God for both the success she has achieved and her survival during the darkest times.